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Activation Sequence

Awaken Your Deepest Purpose And Bring Your Unique Genius Into The World

This is Your Life and only You Know the Way, but You need a Good Map—This is the Best…

There is something you’re here to do, someone unique you’re here to be. You know this with all of your being and you’ve searched everywhere, listened to countless teachers and trainers, followed gurus and guides, all to find out that no one could tell you what Your Purpose is. 

What if I tell you there is one person who knows Your Purpose, one person who knows without a single doubt what is it you’re here to become. 

This person is YOU! —You’ve known all along, deep within your soul, you’ve always known, everything!

Your Activation Awaits You. It’s written in the language of the universe but only you can decipher it.

This map will guide you to your Truth, your Genius, and Your Deepest Purpose, but you must learn its language before you can read it. Its language is silent and only you can see it through the lens of your Unique Point of Perception. 

Are you ready to Trust Yourself? To trust your contemplation and its life changing revelations? Are you ready to see yourself for all that you are? Are you ready to Listen To Yourself?

If your answer is YES, Your Activation Awaits. I will show you the map—the beginning and the end—but it’s up to you to chart the way through >>>

These are the 4 aspects of your Activation Sequence:

What You're Here To Do

This is your Life’s Work. Not exactly in terms of a job and such—that’s up for you to decide—but it’s about the specific understanding of reality that you’re here to bring into the world through all your creations and relationships. This is what you’re here to physically give to yourself and to the world.

Your Main Obstacle In Life

This is what is called the “blind side.” The one thing that stands in your way of truly feeling at ease in your own skin as you move through the world. When you understand and integrate this, you’ll experience a breakthrough that will forever connect your inner and outer lives so that you never again feel lost or disconnected from your life’s purpose.

What Keeps You Healthy

A healthy body is the consequence of a healthy mind and these two are directly linked to the flow of electro-magnetic energy all throughout your bodies—both physical and ethereal. Clearing the blockages in this area will provide you with a constant flow of energy and well being that will serve to build your core stability.

What You Are Here To Be

Once your energy source influx is secured, it will flow directly into this area. This is Your Purpose in Life. You are here to anchor a specific electro-magnetic frequency tone into the world—In Your Own Unique Way—that only you can bring into being. Your Real Purpose in life is to stabilize a bridge of conscious understanding into another reality.

Do You Know Your Unique Specific Purpose?

Do you want to know the Truth?

This whole thing, this page, this system, the Gene Keys, the Hologenetic Profile… It’s all a trick, its whole purpose is to get you to realize who you truly are and to trust yourself. You already know the Truth and the Way, but how do you remember? 

What’s not a trick is your power and your heritage, who you truly are. You are beloved beyond measure, infinite in your reach, a radiant force of creation!

If you remember… When you were a child, you didn’t care you were pretending to be an astronaut, a rock star or a ballerina—you were being them! What happened to those who never let those dreams die? They became them.

It’s the same here, Your Activation Sequence is the Map that’ll help you remember what it is to dream again, to believe in your dreams and to help you bring them into the world.

But don’t think for a moment this is a cheap trick. This is a mind twisting puzzle the likes you’ve never experienced before—it will squeeze the wounds out of your soul, will show you what your mind and body don’t want to see, will demand as much as you’re willing to give and it will give you as much as you’re willing to take.

Dare to remember, dare to dream a vast life, a real amazing life, dare to be you… YOU means YOU in all your Glory. There is no low or high, there’s only your radiant heart fulfilled with the life you consciously choose to live!

Step Into Your Power And Bring Your Unique Genius Into The World.

About Epiphanio

Spiritual Engineer & Guide

I’m Epiphanio Alexander. I will be your guide through your activation journey. For over 25 years I’ve studied every religion, spiritual teaching and training you can imagine plus I’ve been working with the Gene Keys for almost a decade. My job is to help you understand how to use the Gene Keys and the Hologenetic Profile to realize your Deepest Spiritual Purpose and become your Greatest Embodied Potential.

I’m a Gene Keys Guide, Life Coach, Citizen Journalist, Podcast Host, Artist, Designer… My purpose in this life is to help layout The Blueprint for a Real Civilization, what I call: The Internet of Spirit and helping you find your Deepest Spiritual Purpose in life is setting up the foundation infrastructure for this quantum leap in Spiritual Technology.


Your Activation Sequence Review will take about an hour.

That’s all it will take for you to know what to do to Discover Your Deepest Purpose in life. After that, you’ll have some serious homework to do with daily contemplation. It may take you weeks, it may take you months, but if you stick with it, you’ll know your deepest purpose in life—100% Guaranteed!—and support will be available for you every weekday via chat if you choose to take it.

The cost for this live one-on-one Activation Sequence Review zoom call with me is $250.



Click the orange button at the end of the page, you’ll be redirected to our calendar where you’ll choose the day and time of your preference within the available schedule for your live one-on-one Zoom call. After completing your purchase, the calendar will add your email to our mailing list and send you a confirmation with the details of the appointment, the link to the call, and instructions on how to download your Hologenetic Profile to prepare for your call.

The Call

The zoom call will last about an hour, maybe a little more depending on your questions and level of involvement. We will review the Activation Sequence part of your Hologenetic Profile. I will explain in detail how to read it and answer all of your questions. At the end, I will point you to the resources relevant of your profile so that you may begin your contemplation work. The call will be recorded and I will send you the audio and video files the same day.


Further support will be provided by me or a member of my team via chat on the Telegram app. You may join the chat and type your questions, requests and feedback and we’ll answer with written or audio replies or if I consider them relevant for the public, I may address them in our podcast (your personal information will always remain confidential.) Some days I may also open the voice chat so you can join us live and share your questions with the group.


I’m so confident this will help you find your Deepest Purpose in life that I’m giving you: 

A one year (365 days) Money Back Guarantee. 

There is only one thing that I ask from you in return in order for this guarantee to be redeemable: You must send me an email every week for 52 weeks straight (if you miss one week, this guarantee becomes null and void.) 

The contents of these emails are not important and have no minimum limit in length: some weeks you’ll have amazing breakthroughs, other weeks may come without a significant realization but if you truly dedicate to your contemplation work, it’s very possible you may reach your answers in quite a short while.

I will not be responding to these emails because your support will be provided via the chat when you participate. These emails are for you to track your progress and for me to hold them as your guarantee insurance. This way I will know for a fact that you showed up and gave it your best, that you really gave it your all. 

If after a whole year and 52 emails later, you still haven’t realized your deepest purpose. I will give you all your money back no questions asked. 

As you can see, this is not another cheap personal development product where you’re promised transformation and you’re left hanging with the bill and nothing to show for—If you do your work you’ll get what you paid for or you’ll get all your money back.

This is my commitment to your evolution. This is your commitment to yourself. Are you ready to commit to realizing your deepest purpose and change your life forever? Does this sound fair enough to you?


“Epiphanio is a very unique and powerful coach.  He wants for you nothing less than your full realization of your highest self.  He walks his talk and is a great partner to have with you on your evolutionary path.  Combined with the powerful insights from the Gene Keys system you have a winning combination.”

Roger Kenneth Marsh B.E., M.B.A., Author of NexGen Human and TruthBubble, Founder of the Institute for Divine Energy Alignment and Living (IDEAL), Trainer with Integral Transformative Practice International, HeartMath® Coach and Leadership Coach with his Company Beyond Belief LLC.

Do not Underestimate the Impact of your own Awakening. The Power and Presence of your True Purpose may be the very thing the World needs right now. 

Become a Pioneer of the Real World — Your Time is Now!