About Epiphanio

Spiritual Engineer & Guide

I’m Epiphanio Alexander. I’m a Gene Keys Guide, Life Coach, Citizen Journalist, Podcast Host, Writer, Musician, Painter… For over 25 years I’ve studied every religion, spiritual teaching and training you can imagine and I’ve come to realize that the Source of Creation exists within one’s Freedom of Expression and that no one has “The Answer” for anyone. We are all experiencing life together to learn how to allow and support each other’s unique self-expression, while allowing and supporting our own unique self-expression.

My purpose in this life is to help layout The Blueprint for a Real Civilization, what I call: The Internet of Spirit. I’m doing this by helping people realize their Deepest Spiritual Purpose and fully express it in every aspect of their life. This realization activates a unique frequency tone within the individual which then becomes a junction point for linking with other activated individuals. This is part of setting up the foundation infrastructure for this quantum leap in Spiritual Technology.

If you’d like to learn more about my art & music visit: https://epiphanio.com

If you’re interested in my graphic and web design services check out: https://pearl-planet.net