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How Coaches can use the power of podcasting to generate highly qualified client leads without having to figure out all the technicalities

Hi, I’m Epiphanio! I’m a Gene Keys Guide, Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Citizen Journalist, Podcast Host, Designer, Artist… For over 25 years I’ve studied every religion, spiritual teaching and training you can imagine while simultaneously running my Graphic & Web Design and Marketing Business Pearl Planet Design. 

Since March 2021 I’ve been hosting Planet Homemaking, a Podcast where I share my perspective on the Gene Keys and have conversations with guests from all walks of life who have been through their Dark Night of the Soul, found their own healing and are now dedicated to sharing their Unique Self-Expression to help create a Real Home World.

After almost 3 years of hosting my Podcast, close to 800 episodes and 40,000 downloads, I’ve figured out the intricacies of running an unruly self-empowering niche Podcast, both in terms of liberating my completely uncensored unique Self-Expression while simultaneously reaching the specific type of listeners who resonate deeply with my message, and also in terms of Attracting Highly Qualified Coaching Clients for my Spiritual Life & Business Coaching Practice.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a Coach or Guide frustrated with the difficulty of generating Highly Qualified Client Leads. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the infinite demands of modern marketing and the constantly changing technical side of running a successful online business.

You may have tried to reach potential Clients on Facebook and Instagram just to see your posts gettting lost in the massively competitive feed. You may have tried generating leads through paid advertizing on Facebook and Google ads and seen your money dissapear faster than you can figure out what you’re doing wrong.

And throughout all your endeavors, you may have gotten a few successful leads here and there but most likely not the Highly Qualified Leads Who Love Your Message And Can’t Wait To Work With You. 

You may be feeling exhausted, uninspired, maybe even wondering if all of this is worth the effort and you just wish there was some special tool that would put you on the right spot where the demand for your services is so high that you’d actually have to raise your prices because you wouldn’t have enough time to service everyone.

You want to feel that you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing which is helping people—on great calls, with the right people that want to be helped, and are willing to show up for their lives— but instead you’re feeling that you’re spending most of your time trying to figure out how to reach them, and when you do, most of them are not the right fit… So you’re just tired, tired of all the minutia and tired of constantly missing the mark.

If only you could figure out exactly what you need to do to get yourself to that place where your tribe awaits you—the specific type of people that not just only resonate with your message but can’t get enough of it!

I know exactly how you feel… For many years I had a lukewarm Coaching Practice. I spent so much money trying to reach my audience online just to see that what people paid ended up paying for the marketing efforts to get them! I was treading water.

All of this failure after failure eventually lead me to quit being a Coach for many years. In the span of about 17 years, I quitted and resumed coaching several times. I used to feel so exhausted and overwhelmed about the infinite little things of marketing and always that feeling that I was shooting in the dark, never sure I’d hit the mark. I even followed marketing gurus and purchased many programs and studied, and did all sorts of wild things to Generate Solid Client Leads but nothing was working. 

So I turned my attention to art and music and my spiritual work and being invisible, but I was in a rut and going through my Dark Night of the Soul until the end of 2020 where I had the deep feeling that I HAD to show up! There was a message—now I know it’s energy, a specific frequency—that I HAD to deliver. And so it was like a wake up call, really strong. A few months later I started my Podcast, not with the intention to make it for profit but just because I had a profound impulse to express my perspective on many subjects I deem important. 

And I loved it—to truly say what I want to say, how I want to say it without caring whether people would like me or not it’s such a relief, it’s amazing! On my Podcast I say it like it is and to put it simple, Youtube and Facebook would ban me for saying some of the stuff I say.  And yes many people listen to my Podcast and it triggers their Shadow and can’t stand it, so I have a high bounce rate, but those who stay, they gobble episode after episode of evergreen content and just can’t get enough of it! 

This Is What Generates Highly Qualified Client Leads Who Can’t Wait to Purchase My Coaching Programs and Work With Me.

And no it wasn’t just me being genuine in my Podcast and consistent in my episode releases what generates Highly Qualified Leads. It did took also applying lots of the things I’ve learned throughout my journey, and testing, testing, and fine tuning, but now I’ve reached a place where I’ve developed something of tremendous value that I know will greatly benefit many Coaches and Guides who are struggling with the same problem I had.

I don’t want to keep this to myself, that’s why I’ve created the Client Generator: A Unique Hybrid Coaching Program that includes the Marketing and Technical aspects required to launch a successful Podcast with the Joy of Your Unique Self-Expression as its core powering a Highly Qualified Lead Generation Tool. 

Because of my unique combination of skills as Coach, Marketer and Techie, I have an advantage for putting all these elements together and I can now share this advantage with you so that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own while in the dark, hitting obstacle after obstacle, growing more and more frustrated and overwhelmed and wondering if you’ll ever get through.

So here’s what this Coaching Program will do for you:

You’ll learn how easy it is to create, record and publish your own Podcast episodes and generate endless possibilities for content, and how you can enjoy it so much that you’d soon see it as fun play instead of work, even if you’re a shy introvert, clumsy with technology and believe you couldn’t ever possibly host a Podcast.

On live one-on-one zoom calls, I’ll take you by the hand and, step-by-step, lead you to set up all the Technical and Marketing aspects of your Client Generator so that you skip all the mistakes I’ve already done and build only what works.  

Everything is designed custom for your particular needs—what you already have, what you’re missing (podcast set-up, website, autoresponder, etc), which level of design and functionality you specifically need or want—all tailored to your level of commitment. 

You’ll create a Unique Podcast and a Unique Sales Proposition for your Coaching Program (if you don’t already have one) so that it stands on it’s own and easily reaches the specific type of listeners who’ll resonate deeply with your energy and your message.

You’ll have access to all the Resources and Techniques I’ve accrued over 25 years of Internal Personal and Spiritual Work including the almost 10 years of my work with the Gene Keys and I’ll help you recognize and address any internal struggles that may stand in the way of your success, always funneling the breakthroughs into tangible physical action steps to grow your business.

You’ll get all the support you’ll need on our calls and through a personal encrypted Telegram channel (for communication in between calls) to efficiently launch your Podcast as fast as within a week (depending on your level of commitment.) And I’ll be there with you for as long as you decide that you need me.

The Client Generator Includes Everything You Need to Finally Attract Highly Qualified Client Leads Who Can’t Wait To Work With You!

And so you’re finding this page at a very synchronistic moment and I want to give you the chance to book a call directly with me so that I can find out if you’re ready to take your Coaching Business to the next level using the Client Generator to help you do it.

On this call I want to share with you what is it that I do, how I do it, how this stuff works and if it feels like a good fit, then I’ll let you know what’s involved in the Program and I may offer you a spot. Regardless, you’re going to get A LOT from this call, so you definitely don’t want to miss it! 

This is what you need to do right now, there’s a button at the end of this page, click on that. Don’t put this off, if this resonates with you, listen to that inner voice. It all starts with this phone call. 

Once you click that button, as you schedule your call, there’ll be a form you need to fill in with just a few questions that’ll give me the chance to find out where you are at, so that we can get right into it from the start of the call.

There’s a solid way to Generate Highly Qualified Coaching Client Leads and that’s exactly what you’re going to find at the other end of this call. 

Click that button, book your call with me and I’m looking forward to speaking with you very, very soon.